Sunday,May 19,2019

Dandelion Helps you to Cures Hepatitis, Cancer and Various Ailments

Dandelion Helps you to Cures Hepatitis, Cancer and Various Ailments

The best time to pick up the dandelion is at the beginning of April and you do this by taking the whole plant in such a way that it is ripped off in its entirety as each part of the plant is useful for healing.

You can even use the leaves (chicory) as part of your salad ingredient. As dandelion leaves have twice as many vitamins and other nutrients as spinach and even tomatoes.Dandelion has excellent diuretic properties that help increase bile production.

 It also cleanses the body’s liver, combats allergies, as well as regulates the body’s cholesterol level.

Dandelion is an ideal nutritional supplement in post-menopause and pregnant women. It is said to have more carotene than even carrots, in addition to being a very rich source of minerals and vitamins.

The dandelion drift helps to regulate the metabolism, purify your stomach and blood, as well as increases dissolution of the gallbladder.Mother’s milk helps in the removal of warts and is even known to combat diabetes.

Although it is thought that mother’s milk is toxic, but this is far from the truth, as it is very useful in curing various ailments.Dandelion flowers can be used to generate a syrup that we as sweet as honey, this syrup is ideal for cleaning the digestive tract as well as blood from the body. It also takes care of persistent cough.