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Crash diets – If you know how to use, are useful

Crash diets - If you know how to use, are useful

 Crash diets – If you know how to use, are useful

What are crash diets?

Crash diets are diets that are implemented for a period of a few days. The goal is to slim a small amount of excess weight. They are recurrent diets, although quite controversial. Nutrition professionals not advise, because they considered too healthy.

They are based on eating very few calories and that is why results are achieved. They are diets penalized when there have been excesses in the middle of a weight loss program, or to get into a dress or a shirt on a given day. In no case should be based on crash diets a good plan to lose weight healthily.

Ideal diets

The best way to lose weight is changing habits of the person. That way health is not at stake. It learns to eat, it detoxifies, feel better and avoids rebound effect . With crash diets these goals are not achieved. But who has not been a day of fruits for weight loss?

Days crash diets

Some people do, one day a week only eat fruit, or solids fast that the only thing allowed is to drink juices and water.It is not an outrageous idea as it comes only one day and the rest of the week your nutrition is well maintained.They should eat very low calorie foods, fruits with low glycemic index, broad leaf vegetables, etc.

Can crash diets provide benefits?

Yes. It’s better to accumulate kilos. Overweight is much more negative than spend one or two days of fasting. What you should never do is repeat and repeat these diets. Crash diets can even be helpful in reducing levels of cholesterol or hypertension . It can also be a drastic change in habits that get a high intake of fat and stored glucose.

Since no foods that provide calories are ingested, this is taken from the energy that the body has accumulated in the liver (lowers triglycerides ) and muscles. Once just with these energy sources, the following is burning energy from fat deposits in the body.

Crash diets – Health Risks

There is no doubt that there are health risks with these quick diets. Food provides water and not eat them, it is very important to maintain a supply of two or more liters of water.

The lack of nutrients can be another problem of crash diets, because some people do not care about their eating well and being in deficiency states, are subject to a reduction of these. Although they are only a few days, it’s something to consider. A good way to do a crash diet safely, is taking a supplement that covers these gaps quality Mega 2000 .


If you choose to follow any crash diets, do so in a timely manner and not repetitive and if you want to repeat it, allow at least 10 days healthy diet. But it is smarter to learn to eat healthily always form. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, avoiding saturated fats, sugars, refined flour, fried, breaded, foods high oil and stir-fries, desserts, etc.and above all, brisk walking at least half an hour.