Saturday,May 25,2019

Breakfast, lunch or perfect dinner? That does not exist

Breakfast, lunch or perfect dinner? That does not exist

Breakfast, lunch or perfect dinner? That does not exist

With this title you may have been a little stunned to read for sure you’ve seen thousands of post hundreds of blogs that talk of breakfast, lunch or dinner perfect , but in reality does not exist.

In this small post we will put some light on this bizarre title, although most of you already will come, and explain why there is no breakfast or lunch or perfect dinner or any other meal perfect.

The utopia of perfect food

These post talking about a recipe that theoretically served for breakfast but that would be too much snack or a meal that is too heavy for dinner are really unrealistic because neither is true .

Some of these post has made a server, I apologize for that, but like everything in life with the passage of time we learn and we see that in the past talked endlessly about fitness myths as is the talk of a perfect meal.

The issue is that one can not speak of the perfection of a single meal in a day , you can not talk about something that is part of a whole as something perfect, without analyzing the individual requirements or without analyzing the whole without knowing the target the person who will make that breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Caloric excess or defect

It’s like when someone says ” that food fattening much ” and that, as we all know, is not real, because the stark reality is that a food does is feed, and may be more or less heat, but because a calorie food is not that fat .

For example, someone sees a person eating a package of pork rinds, a very caloric food, and of course may think that food is going to get fat, but actually depends on many variables .

That package of bark, which can be 600 or 700 kcal, can form part of a ketogenic diet where you have to put about 70% fat, 25% protein and less than 5% of hydrates, and that what it is going to get the body to use fat as fuel.

But even as part of a normal diet of an individual who has a caloric need 2800kcal a day, no big as it is caloric need I have, those 600kcal not have to make me fat if the rest of the day I put less than 2000kcal , remain in caloric deficit and therefore adelgazaría (this in a day would not be very relevant, we should keep it longer).

So what fattening is not a particular food, what fat is excess heat that day, too much for several days , that will air so that gradually the surplus energy is saved (only can be stored as fat ) and therefore fatten.

The important thing is all day

So no one should speak of an ideal breakfast or a meal or a perfect dinner, we should speak of a daily ideal diet for each person , regardless of for example one no breakfast (now is when many loggerheads) or made a single meal a day or ten.

The daily requirement for each individual can not be extrapolated to another individual , so a decision (breakfast, lunch or dinner) never, and I repeat, should never be generic, should be calculated for each individual, for their anthropometric data and needs to take into looking for a specific purpose.

It is not the same as someone wants to gain muscle, you want to lose fat, or improve strength, increase performance, discipline train for a resistance or target it.


As you see a post that speaks of something perfect flees from him, unless you talk about a perfect meal for a particular purpose, for example, perfect workout meal post to recharge glycogen calculated by individual needs and activity performed, never for anything generic .

Learn to know what you need to eat, take ideas from the post that put breakfast, lunch or perfect dinner, because on the basis the intention is good because they give good ideas, attach them to your daily diet, calculating your need daily caloric for your data and your goal , but even so it will be ideal for you and only for you.