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Blood Type Diet Chart can Helps to Look Energetic for Your Health

Blood Type Diet Chart can Helps to Look Energetic for Your Health

Each person belongs to a certain group of blood (A, B, O and AB). According to the diet of blood there are foods for each type of blood that will help you to lose weight. The diet was created by Peter D’Adamo, who embodied his theory in a book: “Blood Groups and Food: An Individualized Program to Stay Healthy and Live Longer.

The book proposes that if we feed according to the chemistry of our body, this will assimilate better, causing you to lose weight and to look energetic.


Is the blood type diet effective?

There is no scientific evidence to prove the blood type diet ; However, this theory has left a mark in the field of nutrition and diets.

For example, a well-sold book is ” The Blood Groups and the Food “, raised by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, who states that blood type is the key to the individuality of the human being. And thanks to the blood type we can get our body to respond naturally.

The actress Kate Winslet is one of the people who have followed this theory and have managed to maintain their weight.


Diet for type “Blood A”

People who have type A blood should be fed a diet rich in vegetables.

The people of type A should follow these tips in your diet:

  • Avoid red meat, such as beef or pork.
  • If they can eat fish.
  • Put lots of vegetables and grains on your plate.
  • Dairy products in less quantity.

Blood Type Diet Chart can Helps to Look Energetic for Your Health

Diet for the type of “Blood B”

People who have type B blood make them very good dairy products and vegetables. Your diet type will be mixed.

Pay attention to the foods that you must consume to feel healthy and strong, but without gaining weight:

  • Eat green leafy fruits and vegetables.
  • Consume lean meats, but avoiding those of chicken and pork. Also the sausages.
  • Eat lots of fish, but avoid seafood. Do not consume prawns, crabs, lobster, mussels, oysters, clams, octopus, anchovies, eel and snails. It will hurt you.
  • Eat eggs, milk and dairy products.
  • Do not consume too much products based on wheat and corn.
  • Avoid seeds and nuts.

Diet for the type of “Blood AB”

AB blood type people have fragile digestive tract; Therefore, all indicated and contraindicated foods of group A and B are applicable also for this group.

  • The foods that promote a healthy increase in your weight are: corn, wheat, beans, beans and seeds.
  • And the ones that will help you lose weight are vegetables , fish, dairy products, pineapple and tofu.
  • Avoid red meat, sausages, seafood and pasta.
  • And to complement your diet do not forget the fruits, like plum, grape, pineapple.

Diet for the type of “Blood O”

Most people have Type O blood. This group favors them enough to consume foods rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.

  • Eat lots of fish and beef. Avoid pork and food containing flour and yeast.
  • Consume little dairy products , you may fall heavy.
  • And avoid the pasta, Brazil nuts and oranges.

Blood Type Diet Chart can Helps to Look Energetic for Your Health