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7 foods that support neuronal connectivity

7 foods that support neuronal connectivity

7 foods that support neuronal connectivity

Do not hesitate to include these foods in your diet regularly to optimize your neuronal connectivity, regardless of your age. It also will help you improve your mood.

We understand the neural connectivity as that union is created or synapses between neurons or brain cells. The more connectivity, more neurological settle for a strong network and able to improve our cognitive processes.

Factors such as attention or memory are related to these processes. Now, as we know, as adequate as lifelong learning habits, reading or mind games are also essential to achieve this .

However, there is one aspect that we should bear in mind our food.

Our brain needs different nutrients that promote nerve impulses , improve oxygenation or enhance the vascular flow of different brain areas.

Here we explain what foods you should include in your diet to promote neuronal connectivity.

1. Improve your neuronal connectivity with turmeric

Although turmeric is very common in eastern countries, it is increasingly common in our diet.

According to various studies conducted at the University of California (United States), turmeric protects us from the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Also, thanks to its essential component, curcumin, protects our brain inflammation, stimulates the nerve impulse and even improves our mental agility.

You can take up to 500 mg a day, divided into three doses.

2. Green tea, a gift for our brain

It is amazing but tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, above even the coffee. Now, of all varieties, green tea is most beneficial.

  • The key benefits are based on two types of antioxidants: thearubigins and theaflavins. They are anti-inflammatory and fight against cellular oxidation.
  • Polyphenols also present in green tea will favor a  greater neuronal connectivity between the parietal and frontal cortex of the brain .
  • We improve our short-term memory, concentration and fight even against the onset of dementia.

Do not hesitate to take between one or two cups of green tea, see how well you feel.

3. The black chocolate, healthy treat

We recommend it many times in our space: consume a daily ounce of black chocolate is synonymous with health and wellness and what is best, in our brain loves.

  • The bitter and unsweetened chocolate is incredibly rich in antioxidants .
  • Its flavonoids promote blood circulation to the brain, improve our concentration and even stimulate our response times: react faster to stimuli.
  • Studies like the one published in the journal Science Direct tell us that the black chocolate improves blood flow and blood vessels.
  • All this optimizes the supply of oxygen to the brain and thus gives us a better cognitive ability.

4. Pumpkin seeds against brain deterioration

Pumpkin seeds have one type of essential mineral for ameliorating neuronal connectivity: zinc.

We can not forget that pumpkin seeds are also full of magnesium , and reduce stress thanks to tryptophan , the precursor of serotonin and component “neuro-chemistry” that improves our mood.

5. Say yes to broccoli

Broccoli is a great source of vitamin K. This component, although not so well known, is responsible for improving our cognitive function and promote the intellectual capacity.

  • The reason that the broccoli is so good for our brains is because glucosinolates.
  • These compounds slow the brain deterioration due to the action exerted on acetylcholine. We can not forget that if this component descends into our brain, increases the risk of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

* Do not hesitate to get smaller they consume broccoli twice a week.

6. Sage improves our concentration

You can prepare infusions of sage or sprinkle your salad with this natural plant.Essential oils improve our  memory , concentration and our neuronal connectivity .

And it is fabulous for women’s health!

 7. Eat more nuts!

We are confident that as intuías that nuts were to appear in this list. They could not miss. in fact, both doctors and nutritionists recommend us to their regular consumption.

According to a study published in the journal American Journal of Epidemiology on eating every day between 3 and 5 nuts it helps prevent cognitive impairment due to vitamin E.

Another fact that we must consider is the reference to omega-3 fatty acid. It is a very powerful when it comes to improve cognitive performance and even slow the deterioration associated with age component.

If you want to maximize the benefits of nuts, take on your breakfast about four nuts accompanied by a spoonful of honey (25g).

To conclude, if you eat these foods regularly and also you maintain an active and curious mind, your brain will thank you so.

It also does not forget cope with stress everyday and manage your emotions a little better .