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7 Common Things You Should Avoid During in Your Menstrual Period

7 Common Things You Should Avoid During in Your Menstrual Period

No one is a secret that during the menstrual period, women go through a series of hormonal changes that make them a little heavier these days. Alterations in mood, lower- stomach inflammation and tenderness are more evident than at any other time in the cycle.

Although a wide variety of remedies and products have now been developed to minimize these symptoms, many continue to experience discomfort due to their lifestyle. It is that, although we usually ignore it, our habits have a great influence on the state of health that we enjoy in those days.

In this regard it is important to keep in mind that there are some things that are best avoided to reduce both physical and emotional discomfort. I want to explain in detail.

7 most common, so that you try to move them away :

1. Skipping a meal

7 Common Things You Should Avoid During in Your Menstrual PeriodGood nutrition is key to improving your physical and mental state before, during and after the menstrual period.

However, it is important to mention especially that during the days of the rule, you should not suppress any of the main meals, because it could be counterproductive.

The body is losing a lot of nutrients along with the blood and, therefore, it is primordial to replenish them.

2. Being subjected to stress

For the modern lifestyle that we carry almost all people is habitual to be subjected to continuous stress situations. However, during the period there is a greater susceptibility to it and, the worrying thing is that this always influences the physical and psychological symptoms that occur in these days.

It is very important to avoid the situations that cause it and to dedicate a few minutes a day to relaxation techniques.

In addition, it is advisable to practice low-impact physical exercise such as jogging, walking or swimming.

3. Excess physical work

7 Common Things You Should Avoid During in Your Menstrual PeriodIt is proven that during the period the immune system is more susceptible and the body loses physical resistance. Performing physical surgeries, either at work or during training.

It can cause back pain, digestive discomfort, colic and other symptoms that will make the days more difficult.

4. Having unprotected sex

As long as you do not find it uncomfortable during the menstrual period you can have sexual relations as at any other time in the cycle.

However, protection is recommended, as some bacteria that proliferate at this time may lead to infections.


5. Being in Cold Climates

The cold is a bad companion for women who have menstruation. The best during the days of this is to get  hot or warm baths to decrease the pain in the lower abdomen.7 Common Things You Should Avoid During in Your Menstrual PeriodIn turn, if the day is too cold, you should not forget the coats and clothes appropriate to withstand such temperature.

6. Consume aspirin

Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid is an anticoagulant medicine that usually decreases pain in several parts of the body. The problem in this case is that, by improving blood flow, it could cause bleeding more abundant than usual.7 Common Things You Should Avoid During in Your Menstrual PeriodTo relieve menstrual pain and inflammation, you can access an analgesic designed for them, or take ibuprofen. In addition to this, it increases water consumption and consumes a natural remedy such as a shake or an infusion.


7. Eat fast foods

7 Common Things You Should Avoid During in Your Menstrual PeriodEating fast foods during the menstrual period can worsen inflammation in the belly and digestive difficulties. The stomach will react negatively to the intake of chips, hamburgers and other greasy foods that hinder their processes.

Try to reduce them to the maximum in your regular feeding and avoid them from a week before the menstruation. For these days choose foods of easy digestion and increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Other Suggestions

Getting your period does not make you feel heaviness, discomfort and despondency, remember to avoid the above and, in addition, consider the following:

  • Use comfortable underwear and made of cotton.
  • Always keep your tampons or pads on hand.
  • Avoid wearing white clothes and too tight.
  • Wear a comfortable bra, especially if you have tenderness in the breasts.
  • Avoid discussions with your partner.
  • Control your cravings.
  • Do not make important decisions.

7 Common Things You Should Avoid During in Your Menstrual Period