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10 Amazing benefits of Apples

10 amazing benefits of apples

10 Amazing benefits of Apples

Apples are an edible pome fruit shape come from the domestic apple (Malus domestica) and the like of the genus Malus, as well as hybrids.

They are native to Asia and besides being a formidable food, also have extensive medicinal uses.

Today is a spread around the globe, which besides fruit, cider and vinegar is produced as well as jams and compotes culture, it is an ideal fruit because it combines with all types of food, you can eat at any time of day and some varieties can be stored for months.

Apple trees are cold temperate climates, but can be adapted to other there are thousands of varieties agroindustry but unfortunately only a few blows.

Benefits of Apples:

Apples have many medicinal properties, hence the old adage that an apple a day will keep you away from your doctor.

Diabates : The apple is rich in pectin, a fiber that helps control blood sugar. The use of two small blocks per day, this amount is sufficient to obtain the required dose is recommended pectin.

Cholesterol: Researchers at the University of Florida have found that pectin fiber also helps lower bad cholesterol forming a fiber wall preventing the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and other fats. The study was conducted on 160 women aged between 45 and 65 years old.

Stroke : white – fleshed fruit, such as apple and pear, can reduce a person ‘s risk of suffering a stroke (stroke). This is the conclusion of a study by the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, where 20,069 people, aged between 20 and 65 years followed. The research was conducted over a period of ten years. After this period, the researchers found that people who ate white fruits and vegetables were 52% less likely to have a stroke. While clarifying that further studies are needed to confirm the findings, the researchers say that eating an apple a day reduces the risk by 40%.

Breathing problems : The apple has antioxidants that help improve breathing capacity and still protect the lungs. A survey by the University of Nottingham, England, showed that people who consume five or more apples a week have fewer respiratory problems such as asthma. Apple also has an astringent property that helps the throat and vocal cords.

Stomach disorders : Apples contain agents that help those suffering from problems such as heartburn, gastritis and ulcers, as well as help in the healing of intestinal function. This fruit acts beneficially in the lining of the digestive system.

Prevention of dental caries: This infection is caused by bacteria and juices of apples have properties that can kill up to 80% of germs. Therefore, some dentists recommend offering apples to children instead of candy, because the fruit helps protect the surface of the teeth and gums.

Brain : Because rods have vitamins B complex, the fruit also helps in preventing the entire nervous system. It is also a great source of nutrients such as vitamin C and phosphoric acid. Therefore, the block aid in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson ‘s .

Cancer and aging : Being rich in tannins and flavonoids, which are phytonutrients that act as antioxidants, astringent and anti-inflammatory fruit helps in preventing premature aging. Flavonoids also help in cardiovascular disease. In addition, the block has components that aid in the prevention of colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Satiety : The apples are highly recommended for those who want to start a diet. This is because the fruit has fiber that help give the feeling of satiety. The shell, for example, contains insoluble fibers are not digested and remain in the stomach longer. It also has the power to reduce the desire to eat sweets and chocolates.

Vitamins : You can not talk about all the benefits of the apple, are many. But, in short, vitamins B1, B2, B3, help prevent skin problems, prevent hair loss and also regulate body functions.


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