Wednesday,July 18,2018

Is it wrong to drink water during the meal ?

Is it wrong to drink water during the meal ?

Is it wrong to drink water during the meal ?

Is it wrong to drink water during the meal is an issue that everyone who does a diet ever had to ask. Classical nutritionists say you can drink waterduring the meal. Water no calories and does not interfere with any food. In fact, they say it is advisable, because ithelps to satiate. However, there are some diets that forbid water. They argue that water makes it fattening because when ingested, retain liquids.

The truth is that is not much information there is to it. It is clear that diet you have to drink plenty of fluids and better if the liquid is water. That no discussion possible. It is not that water is a slimming, but is the means used to mobilize the body fluids and waste. When thins should eliminate many waste . But regardless of that, the question is:

Is it good to drink water during the meal?

Regardless of that water has not slimming or property “fattening” in the diet itself is very important in the quality of digestions. Our health is closely linked to the digestive tract. If a person has heavy digestions, you should avoid drinking water during meals.

We know that the stomach is very acidic environment. It should be kept acid to achieve destroy the complex structures of proteins (among other foods). That means that the pH should be between 1 and 2. The rest of the digestive system has a much lower pH, because hard work goes done.

Acid environment in the stomach

The digestive system is composed of several parts and each has its moment of prominence. First mouth withenzymes that act on carbohydrates. Then passes into the stomach, which is the grinder proteins. At this stage of digestion, the body literally burns and melts one filetón ox. For this you need to be very abrasive and blunt. Then he passes into the small intestine, the large and the waste material is excreted to the outside.

What to drink water during the meal?

Although many say it is not important, the fact is that can influence negatively. Intervene directly in the process ofdigestion. How? If we drink water during the meal, we dilute the acidity. This raises the pH of the stomach, effectively subtracting. When this happens, they slow down digestion, causing flatulence, heavy digestions, possible waterretention, toxic, etc.

It is appropriate in these cases, drinking plenty of water an hour before eating.After eating it is interesting that at least half and hour. Just it does help you lose weight. Create a false sense of satiety. In addition, it cleanses the stomach and caloric expenditure of digestion would zero calorie consumption. When you drink water before meals, peristalsis is stimulated. There is research that conclude that water before eating it increases metabolism. Effect that lasts an hour after it is consumed. But above all, avoid heavy digestions.