Thursday,February 21,2019




Due to the demands of daily routine, people often skip breakfast or eat something light.Whether to go to work, advance out road traffic, take the kids to school or go to training, among many other reasons. However, this habit can be harmful to health.

There is a saying that explains in a very simple way how we should have our meals, “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. This popular saying confirms the importance of breakfast within a balanced diet although often is considered, because of our ignorance about nutrition, as a dispensable food.

Thus, the Health Coach Dew Rio de la Loza shows us some of the mistakes that we should avoid at breakfast and the type of food you eat is advised to be healthy:

  • Skipping breakfast: covered in the fast pace of life in big cities, many people feel that they will lose weight do not eat breakfast because they are reducing the number of daily calories. However, this decision causes them to eat more in the other meals of the day. “If you’re in a hurry or are traveling, you can prepare a liquid containing protein, such as including coconut milk, banana, avocado and inflated to take it on the road Quinoa” Rio de la Loza explains.
  • Leave out complex carbohydrates and fiber: root vegetables , and whole grains should be part of a healthy breakfast and, according to the Health Coach, hogging “a quarter of the same”. Meanwhile, grains provide vitamin B and minerals like iron, promote good digestion to contain dietary fiber and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In this regard, Rio de la Loza stresses that “provide the energy needed to start and perform well during the day.”
  • No protein on the plate include: nutrition expert notes that, as with complex carbohydrates, a balanced breakfast should contain “a quarter of high – quality protein, either animal or vegetable origin”. For example, it recommends composed of a mixed vegetable omelet with whole wheat bread, a cup of strawberries and a peppermint infusion.
  • Take a small and incomplete Breakfast: Rio de la Loza asserts that a healthy breakfast, containing around 20-25% of total calories needed for a person to “eat consciously chewing every bite.” Therefore, a full breakfast containing vegetables and fruits, high quality protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats such as nuts, seeds or olive oil, a key element of the Mediterranean diet.

Even in the case of exercise in the morning, they could take a whole grain bars that give the body of complex carbohydrates, fiber and essential amino acids.

  • Incorporate trans fats, salt and sugar: it is convenient to maintain industrial control products make up the breakfast of a large number of people. “The combination is lethal trans fats with refined sugar because it raises blood glucose levels and becomes our body fat typically accumulates in the abdomen and hip , ” says the Health Coach. It also stresses the importance of drinking a glass of water upon waking and another with breakfast, not just limited to the classic coffee.

Having a full breakfast helps to have energy for the whole day . Thus the most calories and protein to be used in different tasks to do is ingested. On the other hand, it helps to balance our supply with which we will begin to acquire healthy habits.