Friday,March 22,2019

‘Wonder Woman’ Epic Action Movie Reveals New Trailer

'Wonder Woman' Epic Action Movie Reveals New Trailer

Warner Bros. and DC have released a new trailer for Wonder Woman, with some substantial pieces of new images, and you can take a look below.

The recent trailer features some expanded parts of the fantastic fighting scene in the tower. That includes how she got there in the first place. There is also a bit more of the Ares fight, showing Wonder Woman deflecting a lightning that probably comes from him.

Other highlights include Steve Trevor, introducing Diana to his superiors as Diana Prince, instead of Diana of Themyscira. In my opinion, it is the best overall trailer to date, and I hope we get to see Ares ahead of time.

Wonder Woman will hit all theaters next summer when starring Gal Gadot returns as the lead character in the epic action-adventure film directed by Patty Jenkins.

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