Saturday,January 19,2019

It was time to pick your favorite Colombian film

It was time to pick your favorite Colombian film

It was time to pick your favorite Colombian film

Every two years, people almost invisible on maps of the national territory have the ability to access recent Colombian film production. In the squares, cultural centers, schools or parks for projections inhabitants, whose entries have cost focus.

“The state makes a great effort to create policies that allow them to Colombian filmmakers make their movies. This week is an extra effort to make these productions circulate and look at all the territory, beyond the business scenarios, “he explains in an interview with this newspaper Adelfa Martinez, director of Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture.

And one of the sections preceding this film festival awarded the Audience Award and enables readers choose your favorite Colombian film d and the last two years. From tomorrow until Thursday, August 18 may select one between the supply of 55 titles that make up the sixth week.

The film that has most votes in the special multimedia ‘the film that we’ will stay not only the award, but with the privilege of being exhibited in Medellin, at the Museum of Modern Art , at the close of the week on 24 August.

“Producers of the 55 participating films accepted the invitation and others, due to existing trade commitments, could not , ” says Martinez on the total number of Colombians premieres between 2014 and 2016 , which was 71 films, a figure higher than which proyectará- and with the notable absence of the most significant titles for the seventh national art history: the Oscar -nominated the embrace of the snake and the winner of the Camera d’ Or at Cannes the land and shadow.

Coverage of the sixth edition will reach 197 municipalities of the 32 departments, which means an expansion of the project, with only 5.2 percent of the municipalities of Colombia has theaters. “We are tripling access see national cinema for a week. This is possible thanks to the 84 regional allies who joined the Colombian Film Week, managed and adecuaron spaces for 55 films can be seen at 1,880 exhibits ,”says the official.

In this edition, the circuits outdoor large format will be held in San Jose, Squid, La Libertad and Miraflores (Guaviare), Quibdo (Choco) and San Onofre, Rincon del Mar and Santa Cruz del Islote (Sucre) .

“Those are prioritized by the government and require a cultural offer to strengthen its social processes areas, no cinemas and hardly circulates domestic production”, argues Martinez.

To complete the program, the Colombian Film Week will include the exhibition ‘Nereo and cinema’ with 39 photographs in black Nereo Lopez and white during its passage through cinematic achievements.Also, a sample restored documentaries Yuruparí (in San Jacinto, Bolivar, and National Library in Bogotá), and the imaginaton usual, organized by the Festival of short Bogoshorts, which this time will give 15 million pesos in prizes for the best Filminutos.

How to participate in the vote?

To vote, enter the special multimedia ‘ The film we are ‘ housed in, and choose one of 55 films competing for the Audience Award. In addition to the award, the winner will be showcased at the close of the Colombian Film Week in Medellin.