Sunday,May 19,2019

Right and Revolver Silver, together Armando Music Hall


Right and Revolver Silver, together Armando Music Hall

Right returns to the stage and presents his album Silver Revolver ‘Luz de San Telmo’.

After several months of absence, one of the most representative groups of the Colombian rock in the ’90s returns to the stage. Right, led by singer and actor Mario Duarte, will celebrate his return on Wednesday 14 September with topics known as ‘The Dagger’, ‘Emotions’ and ‘If you looking’.

 Joining them will Revolver Silver, a young band that has slowly been gaining popularity in the scene of the independent Colombian music, because of its novel proposal that aims to rescue the roots of rock and roll.

Mauricio Colmenares, Silver Revolver vocalist, spoke with TIME about what it means for the group share the stage with the right.

“I remember from 15 years listening to the right and went to every concert. It was, and still is, my favorite band in Colombia, so it is an honor and an excellent closing cycle can play along with these teachers, “said Colmenares.

In addition, the musician referred to the most recent group, entitled ‘Luz de San Telmo’ album. This, his third studio album, is largely influenced by the sound of Pink Floyd, and is seen as a critique of musical simplicity.

“We care a lot for what we write and what we mean to each song. Then do the ‘dirty work’, and talk about things that other bands hardly speak. We left the theme of love and try to address other issues that relate more to internal human problems, “says the singer.

According to Colmenares, the lyrics of the 13 songs that are part of this production, “are designed for people of appropriating and can serve for something. We want, who listen to our songs, to self-criticism, overcome their problems and move forward. ”

The concert, to be held in Armando Music Hall, will be invited to Felipe Bravo (Superlitio), JAYMVEE, Daniel Acosta (Telebit), Camilo Maldonado (Tree Eye), Juan Pablo Vega and Uruguayan Franny Glass, among others.