Tuesday,July 16,2019

Hellboy Returns to the Big Screen but not as we Expected

Hellboy Returns to the Big Screen but not as we Expected

We will not have a third tape directed by Guillermo Del Toro, but we will have a reboot for seniors starring David Harbor.

Some months ago, Guillermo Del Toro announced through Twitter that if he had the support of the audience of that social network, he could possibly make a third installment of Hellboy in theaters during this year.

Although the answers were positive in the great majority of cases, finally the Mexican director told us the sad news that the closing of the trilogy would not be possible for different subjects, which ruined all our expectations of seeing one New tape of the infernal hero. Or so we thought until now.

Yesterday, the creator of the character, Mike Mignola, told us through Facebook that the franchise would restart with new hands behind it and that there were already two names confirmed for the making of a new movie.Hellboy Returns to the Big Screen but not as we ExpectedNeil Marshall, director of The Descent and several episodes of Game Of Thrones, will be responsible for bringing us back to Anung-Un-Rama, who will be characterized by nothing more and nothing less than David Harbor, or Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, The Verge reports today.

The news, however, do not stop there, because although the version of Del Toro could have been thought for the whole family in 2004 and 2008, Marshall will bring us an adult story, according to Mignola in his official fan-page, something Which will no doubt leave more relaxed fans of the character of the publisher Dark Horse.

No more details about what will happen in the future of Hellboy, however already with the three details mentioned above we could augur things quite positive for this new tape.

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