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Welcome to the worst week of the year!

And to prove it , just give two pieces of information: 1) In the US, it is the week with lower revenue in 2016, and 2) Mike and Dave: the buscanovias was the highest grossing film in Mexico.

But let kindest data, such as the fact that Star Trek Limitless  was the most popular movie on the planet.

40 overseas territories in the good news (that some have, but they have a lot) for Paramount.This week, the Enterprise totaled $ 37 million dollars, bringing its accumulated $ 131.1 billion.China contributed $ 31.3 millonsotes, and who should be elated are Alibaba and Huahua, local co-producers. Obviously, the film will have no problem to exceed $ 57 million dollars made in the Dark in 2013. In addition to China, also it debuted in five territories, including Brazil ($ 1.7 billion dollars, second place) and Venezuela ($ 1.4 million USD, 4th place). They will join Argentina and Mexico Friday.

In the US, where long ago left the Top 10 grossing Limitless is about to become, with its $ 154.9 million dollars, in the tenth highest grossing film of the year, leaving behind Jason Bourne.

The Secret Life of pets

In sum US $ 358.55 Animation million dollars in 9 weeks, and the final numbers surpassed Intensely ($ 356.46 million USD) and now goes Despicable Me 2 ($ 368.06). Outside the US, it has already reached $ 400 billion dollars, thanks to $ 17.3 billion dollars made in 55 territories.Russia stands ($ 30.2 million USD), which already is the third highest grossing film in history, behind Avatar and Zootopia and before Minions . In Japan added $ 36 billion dollars, and $ 762.7 billion dollars, the $ 800 billion dollars global look like a guaranteed goal, since yet to debut in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Poland, South Africa and Italy.

Jason Bourne

Mr. Damon added another $ 15.99 million USD this week. In the US, he added $ 3.99 billion dollars (for a cumulative total of $ 155), while in overseas territories pocketed $ 12 million USD (in Russia debuted with $ 2.1 billion dollars, second), bringing its accumulated $ 223 billion dollars ($ 379.3 global mdd). On Saturday, Paul Greengrass film became the highest grossing of the series (outside the US). In China, however, things are not painted so well: Mr. Bourne lost 92% of their box office, although total $ 63.2 billion dollars in 12 days. At its eastern neighbor, Japan, forgetful hero will arrive on October 7 (being its last territory).

Suicide squad

Only $ 2.6 billion dollars separating Suicide Squad of $ 300 million dollars in the US. This week the bad guys just lost 18% (something not in their wildest dreams would have thought Batman vs Superman), added another $ 10 million USD this week and are on track to finish with $ 315 billion. Unbelievable but true: SS is the second highest grossing movie ever released in August, behind Guardians of the Galaxy ($ 333.2 million USD).

Thus, the most famous planet Squadron took his overall accumulated $ 672.9 million USD (excluding China), with excellent chances to reach $ 750 billion dollars because it lacks an important territory: Japan.

Do not breathe

The film remained in first place in US box office for a second week, lost 41%, totaled $ 17.1 billion dollars and took his accumulated to $ 51.1 billion. The film ends multiplying by 8 its $ 10 million USD budget. Outside the US, he added six new territories, so your count rises to 14. There grossed $ 5.3 billion dollars, and its best debuts Australia ($ 1 billion dollars) and India ($ 0.68 million USD). Next week will arrive in Brazil, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The club of rebel mothers

Bad Moms became the first R-rated comedy that exceeds $ 100 billion dollars ($ 102.5, to be exact) this year. It is also the first nine digits for the young distributor STX, and it seems that increase six-fold its $ 20 billion dollars it cost to produce it.

In 50 markets outside the US, the film added another $ 5 million USD this week, taking its overseas total to $ 37.7 billion. His meores markets are Australia ($ 9.6 million USD) and the UK ($ 3.9 million USD).

Finding Dory

After 12 weeks of swimming in international waters, Dory had a re-release in the US, adding more than 1,700 rooms to its count. Thus, it increased its distance as the most popular film of 2016 with $ 481.8 billion.

In 20 territories outside the US, he added another $ 6.3 million dollars, bringing its total to $ 461.4 overseas billion. So far, the global animation sum $ 943.2 million USD, with UK his best international market, with $ 51 billion. Are you missing a market that will help you reach the $ 1.000 billion dollars? Yes: Italy and Germany.

Other comprehensive income

Ben-Hur . The coach finally derailed. In sum $ 23.70 US billion dollars (no chance of reaching $ 30 billion dollars) and outside EU totaled $ 29.7 billion dollars, with Mexico ($ 6 million USD) and Brazil (5.5 billion dollars) best markets. Ah! In Spain he debuted in first place, with $ 1.1 billion.

Mike and Dave: the buscanovias . The sum comedy $ 25 billion dollars in overseas territories and $ 70.8 billion dollars globally. That’s not news: what is news is that in Germany debuted in second place ($ 1.4 million USD) and Mexico was … First !, with $ 1.0 billion. Wow.

Deep Terror . Today the sum film $ 98.98 billion dollars worldwide. On Friday, the day debut in China, you have reached the $ 100 billion dollars plus what accumulates in the country of the Wall.

I before you. The syrupy dramedy arrived in Italy, its last market. He debuted with $ 2.4 billion dollars, and eventually the market will help you reach $ 200 billion dollars worldwide, because today totals $ 197.4 billion.

Ice Age: Clash of Worlds . Nothing saved from catastrophe Scrat. In its second week in China, the animation plummets 86%, although still bears his accumulated to $ 59.2 billion. So far, the film adds $ 389 billion dollars overall, almost $ 500 billion dollars behind deliveries 3 and 4.

Week 36, from 2 to 4 September 2016 Top 12 global office (without US and Canada)

  1. Star Trek Unlimited $ 37,000,000 (41)
  2. Suicide Squad $ 11,800,000 (66)
  3. Do not breathe $ 5,300,000 (15)
  4. The Secret Life of pets $ 17,300,000 (56)
  5. Jason Bourne $ 12,000,000 (65)
  6. Specialist: Resurrection $ 7,600,000 (32)
  7. Sausage Party $ 4,600,000 (18)
  8. The club of rebel mothers $ 5,000,000 (51)
  9. Ice Age: Clash of Worlds $ 8,200,000 (31)
  10. Finding Dory $ 6,300,000 (21)
  11. Ben-Hur $ 5,200,000 (47)
  12. When the lights go out $ 5,400,000 (53)

* The number in parentheses indicates the number of countries where it is projected

Top 10 Box Office US and Canada

  1. Do not breathe $ 15,700,000
  2. Suicide Squad $ 10,005,000
  3. My friend the dragon $ 6,471,000
  4. Kubo and search samurái $ 6,467,000
  5. Sausage Party $ 5,300,000
  6. Light between the oceans $ 4,984,000
  7. The club of rebel mothers $ 4,740,000
  8. Friends of Arms $ 4,705,000
  9. Hell or High Water $ 4,500,000
  10. Specialist: Resurrection $ 4,276,000

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Corollary 1:

It was the worst week of 2016. Only two films exceeded the eight-digit 11 grossed between $ 3.5 and $ 6.5 billion dollars and only a premiere sneaked into the Top 10, in sixth place.Speaking of releases, these had mixed results.

The light between oceans , Dreamworks drama distributed by Disney, might just take $ 5 billion dollars (although in his defense can say that just opened in 1,500 theaters). As surprising fact: 44% of the audience were people over 50 years.

Morgan found that the box office mojo Kate Mara is … zero. The sci-fiction film debuted in 2,020 rooms with $ 2 billion. In 24 overseas territories, just it took $ 1.4 billion dollars (to give an example, in the UK it debuted at 19).

As data: the weekend of Labor Day itself ended the summer film in the US and this outcome was anticlimactic, as the two premiers mentioned are part of the four worst debuts this season in 2016. In order, five worst starts were Morgan ($ 1.9 million USD), Popstar ($ 4.6), Darkness ($ 4.9) and light between oceans ($ 5).

Corollary 2:

In contrast, No Manches Frida , the usual premiere of Lionsgate / Pantelion during Labor Day (No refunds, Cantinflas, Un gallo con muchos huevos accept ) had an excellent start: $ 3.65 billion dollars in just 362 rooms, which translates to $ 10,083 per screen (which results in the best per screen average of the Top 40).

The film (like those above, except the eggs) debuted weeks earlier in the US than in Mexico, and was placed as the second best start for the producing duo, just behind the hitazo Derbez ($ 7.84 million dollars in 348 theaters). Just to compare: the film has already surpassed Compadresand seeking boyfriend for my wife in the US, and could end up above $ 9 billion dollars that made Eggs north of the Rio Bravo.