Wednesday,April 24,2019

The film ‘Suicide Squad’ struggle against its worst enemy: criticism

The film 'Suicide Squad' struggle against its worst enemy criticism

The film ‘Suicide Squad’ struggle against its worst enemy: criticism

The tape, which was considered the cinematic gem with which the company DC Comics would taste success in film, left at the end of a strange taste of disappointment among those who had the opportunity to see it (in Colombia opens on August 4) .

The plot of ‘Suicide Squad’ revolves around a group of villains who have to take on a mission to save New York from destruction, with a style that promised tons of action and also a good deal of moral conflict in a package pure entertainment.

 It was no wonder, after the shocking developments and a troop of actors luxury led by Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman and Viola Davis. However, one aspect that impacts after having viewing (TIME was in one of the special features) is that the potential of these stars with characters who failed to show nuances did not take advantage and were lost in a plot full of artifice and confusion.

‘Suicide Squad’ starts well, launches from the beginning an entertaining tone and manages to put the viewer in a crazy pace. But gradually the tape seems to abruptly stop his momentum and begins to entangle in their quest to make a thorough knowledge of each of the wicked playing portrait redemption.

However, as a whole does not hold, bumpy and unjustified situations within a frame that would have given a better deal to the characters. Note that the Joker and Harley Quinn Jared Leto (Margot Robbie) are interesting.

DC. Comics has failed to achieve a balance between action, humor and dramatic tension of its superheroes. They have everything: million dollars, visual effects, but suffer in the development of their stories, as in the case of ‘Batman vs. Superman’ and now with ‘Suicide Squad’, there is a feeling that still owes.

In ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ has said it is “puzzling and confusing brings together a stellar team of super villains and does not know what to do with them.” While in ‘Variety’ he said “The Joker and Harley Quinn stolen show and despite its absurd plot, will be one of the great successes of the summer. ”

In contrast, the publication ‘Indiewire’ finished it: “These heroes can be bad But his film is even worse.” But USA Today recognizes its value in the universe of science fiction and cinematic action: “There is an undeniable sincerity and an atmosphere inordinately punk “they wrote.

Comics fans also reacted defending the vision imposed by the director David Ayer. Many have launched a campaign to boycott the website, which is collecting movie reviews and has revealed many negative reactions to the film, a situation that has angered the hard – core supporters who claim the risk of assume a superhero plot under a more irreverent parameters. Now it ‘s up to the public to decide.