Thursday,June 20,2019

Director James Wan Officially Announced The ‘AQUAMAN’ Movie

Director James Wan Officially Announced The 'AQUAMAN' Movie

The production of the upcoming Warner Bros. and DC film, Aquaman has officially started. At the start of filming the film, director James Wan shared a photo directly from the set through his official account on the social network Twitter.

As you can see, the movie has a different codename on this clapboard. Instead of pointing to Aquaman, we see “Ahab”, which may be a nod to the famous captain of Herman Melville’s literary classic, Moby Dick.

In the clapboard, we see Wan listed as director along with his cinematographer, Don Burgess, You can also see the official Aquaman symbol on the tablet.

Patrick Wilson, who plays Orm also known as Ocean Master in the film shared Wan’s tweet, expressing his enthusiasm for starting filming.

Visionary director James Wan will bring his stylistic sensibility to one of the most beloved superheroes in the DC tradition. So we can expect the best for this movie.

AQUAMAN Movie – Official Trailer