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‘Bastille Day’, Idris Elba against terrorism

'Bastille Day', Idris Elba against terrorism

‘Bastille Day’, Idris Elba against terrorism

‘Bastille Day’ (James Watkins, 2016) is an action thriller that stopped project in French cinemas -Decision billboards themselves, not of the study due to the attack they suffered in Nice. Leaving aside so heinous a fact mark our lives forever – those of everyone, not just those of the involved – and that is absolutely condemnable, the decision to give in to terror seemed to me a step back. With the controversial title has already managed to stand out solely for that.

On the other hand it is the third work of James Watkins , a British director who has given us two decent films, ‘Eden Lake’ (id., 2008) and ‘The Woman in black’ ( ‘The Woman in Black, 2010). A survival horror and a return to good horror film preceded this action, Watkins land on which no longer operates as well, and that the script is yours. Yes, see Idris Elba as a kind of James Bond has a point.

(From here to the end, Spoilers) ‘Bastille Day’ begins with the typical presentation of characters. Some characters that, in principle, have nothing to do with each other. A pickpocket as -paper hustler by the left ‘Game truno’ sosainas,Richard Madden – a CIA agent – Idris Elba , of course- and a couple who plan toput an explosive device in a house full of empty offices, in order that no one gets hurt. But things do not go well. Logical, if not, there would be no movie.

A decision script as forced as logic does enter the scene to pickpocket who steals the bag with alleged terrorist explosives. As is. Then the film becomes a long chase of a guilty Hitchcock style but his handling of the excitement and suspense false.Unfortunately ‘Bastille Day’ passes through trails too trite, too conventional, being the most interesting notes in the background. Surprise as loose work by Watkins.

Nothing is what it seems

In fact, the most interesting point of the film, the most provocative, is the popular reaction to such barbarity by fundamentalist terrorists, considering that the perpetrators of collective killings are not Islamic terrorists who claim nothing.’Bastille Day’ attacks without the great corrupt power complex capable of using terrorism and fear to throw over their real actions, steal a lot of money. A premise reminiscent unapologetic to ‘Die Hard. Revenge ‘ (‘ Die Hard with a Vengeance ‘, John McTiernan, 1995).

Of course see Idris Elba sure of himself, reciting lines loose – one dialogue of the great scourges of the film- with a conviction that frightens, it is also among the best of the film. Also the effectiveness of certain in September pieces of action, especially that runs inside a van. There Elba gives everything, and we must recognize Watkins not fall into the typical current errors, ie, tachycardia and dizziness assembly with the camera. And yet ‘Bastille Day’ knows little.

We could say that Idris Elba film will outgrow. A kind of film with secret agents, a few pinches of buddy movie and a sense of humor -the the less strange chemistry between Elba and Madden is simply in existent that fails to find the right tone. Elba is a brown beast that does not cost anything stand out in such a poor film. Cries a tuxedo, a better car, a fine weapon, and a license to kill.