Wednesday,August 21,2019

A 50 years since the birth of Star Trek


A 50 years since the birth of Star Trek

A reflection in honor of the series has gone where no man has gone.

The path for recording the first episode of this saga of worship was long and complex. At first there was no USS Enterprise or a Captain Kirk . The first draft of Star Trek talked about the adventures of a Robert April on his ship SS Yorktown.

There were many changes and could finally recorded the first Star Trek pilot episode The Cage , which end up being rejected by NBC, arguing that it was too elaborate to be accepted by the audience. It is rare that the budget is authorized to record a second pilot, but Star Trek succeeded, became the mythical episode Where No Man Has Gone Before. The rest is legend.

Half a Century of Pop Culture

Star Trek is one of the most significant and beloved of contemporary popular culture franchise. One of these strange phenomena, since it is one of the first strongholds of the Geek and Nerd community , which in turn ended revitalized by its biggest rival: Star Wars.

The own William Shatner has admitted it at the time . When the world went crazy for The Wars , everyone turned immediately to this series with a decade old at the time, where a similar in appearance but quite different in spirit and execution idea arose.

Neil de Grasse Tyson explained better than anyone why Star Trek is so large, and in some cases superior to Star Wars; as a unique embodiment of science fiction:

“I am fond of Star Wars, but’m a big fan of Star Trek. There is a premise of true science happens in Star Trek, but not so with Star Wars. I will not be the first in line to see the new film, I can wait until it comes out on video. But I applaud the fact that this saga makes people think about outer space.”

Throughout this year we have seen an inconceivable amount of tributes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, from movies , restorations and conventions, to bank cards and coins limited edition , dolls Mattel , going even exclusive agreements with Netflix .

Star Trek is something that has been with us for generations, and his legacy will remain in force, transcending borders and at the same time.