Saturday,May 25,2019




1. Kill all the X-Men

In Volume # 70 of Wolverine Logan -Old Man , the X-Men mansion is invaded by dozens of villains. Wolverine to be alone, begins to kill to defend the house was full of children, however, soon he discovered that it was actually an illusion created by Mysterio . Thus Wolverine kills all his fellow X-Men.

2. Tiene around 130 years

James “Logan” Howlett fought in both the First and in the Second World War, and also worked undercover CIA during the Cold War. Thanks to this data we know that was born around the 1890s.

3. Wolverine and Mary Jane

In comics Ultimate Spider-Man, Jean Gray changed Wolverine’s mind with that of Peter Parker to teach him a lesson, however, it ends up being rewarded. During the conversion are numerous pretty funny scenes, however , the issue becomes tense when Wolverine’s mind in the body of Peter Parker discovers she has a beautiful redhead girlfriend namedMary Jane . It is not known what happened between these two, but again change of minds, the real Peter discovers a somewhat complicated situation between Wolverine and his girlfriend of 15 years.

4.Captain America’s shield

The answer to the dispute is a bit complicated: if you look at the comics, we discovered that the shield of Captain America is made of Adamantium Proto , an alloy of true adamantium and Vibranium . This would mean that the Adamantium Beta from the claws of Wolverine could not with his shield. Even many times we find that it is defeated by the instrument.

However, in the films of Marvel , Captain shield is made of Vibranium Puro , so this time the claws of Wolverine itself would be able to destroy the weapon if they come to face on the big screen.

5.Es father of numerous children

Nobody sees Wolverine making father, yet, has at least four children! Well, rather something like three and a half. I name them in chronological order:

  • Erista is for the moment the first
    son of Logan. His first appearance was in the comic Wolverine Jungle Adventure vol 1(1990). It belongs to the Tribe of Fire of the Wilderness , and her mother is Gahck , leader of the tribe.
  • As for the “middle child”, I mean his female clone named Laura Kinney (aka X-23 ). It first appeared in the limited series NYX, Volume 13 (2004) . This was cloned from a damaged DNA sample Wolverine. Despite being trained to kill Logan, just joining the X-Force and fighting with him.
  • Wolverine: Origins # 5 (2008),
    Logan gets remember specific times, one of them is to have fathered while in Japan. His son, Akihiro (aka Daken ), shares the skills of his father, and something else … and that he , too ,erased the memories to make him a weapon. Daken usually appears as a villain, and yet keep a grudge Wolverine, manages to join the Dark Avengers using the name Wolverine, as well as his father ‘s old suit.
  • Finally, William Downing (aka Gunhauk ). It is born in Canada where he is raised by his mother. After the death of this is recruited by the organization Red Right Hand , and is charged with killing the friends and relatives of his father, Wolverine. His first appearance in the comic consists of 2010 inWolverine, # 4.