Saturday,December 15,2018

Wish Trade: “In the world of toys, each year 80% of products is renewed”

Wish Trade: In the world of toys, each year 80% of products is renewed

Wish Trade: “In the world of toys, each year 80% of products is renewed”

The company markets the line of Pokemon and 2017 figures add Nintendo, Mario Bros Run.

Wish Trade last year signed an exclusive contract with Tomy, one of the largest manufacturers of toys in the world.The new agreement included the marketing of Pokemon.”It Pokemon toys marketed in Peru, but there was much ‘trunk’, people who bring US in suitcases or copies at the Central Market “Management aims to Diego Vallejos Vargas, general manager of Wish Trade.

Why last year bought the rights if the game still not launched Go Pokemon? Pokemon was off the market for many years, we did not start working with Tomy by Pokemon, but for the film “Intensely” Disney. Within its portfolio have other products such as Sonic, Zootopia and also had Pokemon. The factory insisted that we bring some Pokemon to try at Christmas.

What besides Pokemon market?
For this year we are working with Pokemon, Tsum Tsum Disney Finding Dory, Nintendo and all its figures, Angry Birds, some other makeup for girls, also school and baby lines.

How it was closed last year?
Last year was difficult campaign for the elections. As in any other industry, there was an important brake on the subject of toys, and so the first months of the year. But the economy is already reviving.

What is your most important line of business?
Pokémon and Tsum Tsum, which are all Disney characters, collectibles; classical, modern and movies. Always before Mickey, Minnie were, however, are now all characters, like Dumbo, Chip and Dale, the crab Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, which are perhaps for a more adult audience.Many people buy them to decorate his office.

By 2017, they will emerge from licenses or usually add?
In the world of toys, year after year, almost 70% or 80% of the supply is renewed. While continuing to work withPokémon , 70% of the codes will be new. For next year, we have the view that Tsum Tsum and Pokémon will continue and we have great expectations to the line of Nintendo. Now the launch of the iPhone 7 is launching the Mario Bros Run.It will be the first time a Nintendo game comes out on Apple.

How to ensure that this business is not so seasonal with Children’s Day and Christmas?
There are two clear peaks in the year, but to have a more stable flow all year long followed the TV series and movies.Then, “Intensely” was launched and we brought the product.

They have no relation to the film. What they do is market intelligence?
That’s right , we follow the properties, we have a study of the films that will next year, what is the target and seek to jugueteros who have licenses.

And how do they decide?
Disney movies are almost guaranteed to make a very good job of marketing. As it happened with Zootopia and Finding Dory. We must find those peaks during the year.

Who decides the purchase, dad or the kids?
Children, mainly. There are two types of toys. The child when making your Christmas list, is the first toy, which is talking with Dad. That is the child chooses. Hence the toy 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, those chooses dad, seeks to be educational, to share.

What has been the true effect of Pokemon Go in sales?
Many people are not going to buy or action figure toy, but it has been a very strong marketing to the brand. Pokemon has relaunched country and world level. No matter your age or where you come from , people know that there Pokemon and is hot.