Wednesday,October 23,2019

SENIAT worker fired for signing: I am not state official PSUV

SENIAT worker fired for signing: I am not state official PSUV

SENIAT worker fired for signing: I am not state official PSUV

Ramon Salas denounced the firings are illegal, unconstitutional, arbitrary and totalitarian. With as he and his father of 73, who suffers from ischemic heart disease, were without health insurance

On June 17 at 1:00 pm Ramon Salas attorney was notified of the dismissal from office in the Seniat have signed for the recall referendum. It is envisaged to play as an administrative specialist degree in tax law 15 division of the agency and had 15 years in office.

In 2005 and 2009 he traveled to Salamanca, Spain, for a specialization in Administrative and Tax Law.He studied British and Brazilian Portuguese English schools in remarkable and published about 20 works in the state body in the area of Tax Law;however, he delivered the same notice of dismissal they received about 280 others in the SENIAT.

“Although I am a career officer removed from office as if it were official appointment and removal. This act is illegal, unconstitutional, arbitrary and totalitarian. It’s not about whether one sign or not, only we exercised a right under the Constitution, “complained Salas.

That afternoon an officer approached him and asked him to sign the document as received. ” ‘ Give up the card ‘ , I said. 15 years suddenly you will symbolically handing the credentials , “he lamented.

Health insurance

During the interview on National Web , Salas presented the medical report with the diagnosis they did to his father 73 years: symptomatic ischemic heart disease. For I had surgery the heart recently.

Such surgery was paid for by both the HCM sure had as an officer, as the excess policy, because it was associated with the savings the state agency; however, both the former employee and his family no longer have that benefit.

“From next year I can not afford the medical expenses.They are the side effects for exercising my constitutional right,” said the lawyer.

José David Cabello Rondon

About responsible for taking the decision said that “the firm that is in the notification is José David Cabello Rondon, superintendent of the SENIAT and brother of Congressman Diosdado Cabello Rondón. In my family are clear that I did not commit any crime, but more than that responsible for my dad does not have medical coverage are the president of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro and the superintendent. ”

Ramon Salas said that the act constiyuye an abuse of power, so it will go to court. However, although not get an immediate response he said to be the moral sanction on staff.

“The Constitution provides that the exercise of public administration is secluded from political proselytism, I am not state official PSUV never made political proselytism, I have always due to the state,” he added.

The lawyer sent a message to his former co-workers: “I tell them do not have me pity nor frighten by what happened to me, all the comrades who are in this situation we knew what we were doing, neither a traitor nor a counterrevolutionary” .