Wednesday,October 23,2019

Roche will expand supply of injectable oncology


Roche will expand supply of injectable oncology

The pharmaceutical firm will bring the Peruvian market new drugs for the treatment of blood diseases and lung cancer, bowel and bladder.

The Peruvian subsidiary of the pharmaceutical Roche will strengthen its portfolio of biologic drugs, with the release of injectables to treat blood diseases and different organs, said Raul Velarde, medical director of Roche Peru.

He explained that in recent weeks come the Gazyva, for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia and a type of lymphoma (non-Hodgkin) and 2017 could have Tecentriq, lung cancer, bowel and bladder, he said.

Roche has a double – digit growth every year, and its exclusive distributor is Chemistry Switzerland .

Drug prices have fallen about 20% over the last five to six years, he said.

Other projects

The company of Swiss origin is rehearsing a biological medicine against multiple sclerosis, a disease that affects the central nervous system and generates disability and is in trials for treating Alzheimer ‘s dementia and muscle atrophy.

“Life expectancy arrived before age 65 and is now increasing. So is most prevalent this type of ills, “said Raul Velarde.

He prided that are entering the development of biological to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma, after buying InterMune Inc. in 2014.

“These type drugs directed seek to eliminate only the damaged cells without affecting healthy cells, as does the chemotherapy in the fight against cancer “, he said .

About biosimilars

Roche markets in Peru the biological Trastuzumab for breast cancer Her2 positive type, one of the most aggressive, although not the most common, said Raul Velarde. “About 20% of women diagnosed with breast cancer can have this cancer , ” he said.

On the allegations of monopoly, he said he did not have a patent in Peru, which have never prevented the entry of biosimilars that prove to be effective and have complied with the required tests and have been tested in humans.

He warned however that the regulation of biosimilar published in Peru does not prohibit the sale of medicines that meet these requirements, demanded by global health authorities.

He considered that to reduce the prices of medicines seek trade agreements with the state. The sector would also benefit the opening of drug registration, because currently delays the entry of drugs, they said.

In short

Of the 50,000 cases of cancer that occur annually in Peru, breast cancer is one of the most frequent 4,400 diagnoses, however, 80% of women do not have access to the drug, nor is there yet biosimilars for this evil .

Accuracies Alliances. Roche will seek to register four products until 2017 and is promoting agreements with the public sector to update the data on treatments.Medication. A prescription bottle Trastuzumab is around S / 5,500.