Tuesday,March 26,2019

Peruvian Airlines discarded sale and looks expansion in 2017

Peruvian Airlines discarded sale and looks expansion in 2017

Peruvian Airlines discarded sale and looks expansion in 2017

Firm receives up to three proposals in 2016, though not mulling sale. Prepare greater regional cargo business.Ecuador and Cuba are destinations that could be realized in 2017.

For five years, Peruvian Airlines experienced a growth that has raised its appeal in the commercial aviation sector.And only in 2016, three companies have expressed interest in acquiring it , admitted CEO Alberto López Bustillo.

He said that the purchase intent comes from both local operators and foreign firms, whose appetite also points to the formation of alliances with Peruvian airline.

However, Lopez said that Peruvian Airlines is currently evaluating its sale, although not completely rejected the option in the future to an interesting proposal that contribute to the objectives of the company. In any scenario, Peruvian Airlines promotes its growth in line with a strategic plan in place, he scored the executive.


the other hand, the executive said the airline not only readies new routes in Peru, but also prepares the launch of its international cargo business.

“Now we perform load when charter flights, have two planes that might be available,” explained Management, noting that the company currently flies to Bolivia.

He noted that the expansion of its international destinations could be completed in 2017 with its first flights to Ecuador or Cuba. “We are making the strategic assessment, there are permits to be achieved,” he added.

At the time, the company had expressed its intention to also fly to Miami (United States) and Santiago de Chile, under the strategy of adding more aircraft to its fleet (09/24/2014 Management).

And at the local level, it was learned that Peruvian Airlines looks forward to Jauja, the airport will be modernized by a team of Vitruvius Engineering and Construction Guamar Rubaual consortium. In 2015, the company managed to place in the second airline in the local market.


in domestic air traffic, Peruvian Airlines maintained its second place from January to May with 525.159 passengers (12.4%), in fierce competition with Taca Peru, which handled 520.481 passengers (12.2%). The first was Latam Airlines Peru (61.2%), reported the Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGAC ).