Saturday,May 25,2019

Ensure that the time to invest in Venezuela is now


Ensure that the time to invest in Venezuela is now

Entrepreneurs apply new strategies to reach under served niches. Recorded positive results in the middle of the situation

Invest in a venture in Venezuela is as possible as it is the end of a crisis. Thus they concluded several innovative in the area of fashion, interior design and automotive during the discussion group: “Is it time to invest in Venezuela?”┬áDirected by journalist Peter Penzzini.
In the midst of brainstorming and business bets on the country, participants assessed the current economic context and niche businesses that become opportunities to exit the domestic market of various investors.
The proliferation of new fashion designers and advertising bet on digital and conventional means clothes -in large part- national market expectations.
Carolina Parra, representative of Adriana Hoyos in Venezuela, Melisa Rauseo, director of the Bomani shop, Marbella Molina, director of the brand Fashion White were some of the personalities who participated in the meeting of Venezuelan venture.

Position yourself in crisis

Given the casualties recorded in recent years the automotive sector, entrepreneurs have had to reinvent themselves and find niches that did not previously explored.
Mauricio Manocchio, president of Mancars 2010, a company that sells cars Ford said during the meeting that “empty places are entrepreneurial opportunities.” He noted that the country itself there is a niche market interested in the automotive industry, so the company headed considers it essential to maintain production, because when the crisis ends need to be positioned on the consumer.
“Margins are small marketing it, but I must say that gives you enough to survive and maintain your business with the oxygen needed to not close the santamaria” he explained.
Manocchio explained that the cash flow has been one of the most tangible difficulties in maintaining the business. This situation is resolved to seek support from banking institutions.
Investing in advertising is the central commitment of the entrepreneur, who said that this strategy will allow “the consumer will remember when the good times, because investment is not just for now.”

Do new things

With the opening of a new store target oriented child, Blank Study reiterates its commitment to the country. Oswaldo Santana, CEO of Blank Studio urged to continue working despite the difficulties and timely training to enter the market.
“The situation is the opportunity to do new things.”
He said that the new generations have aroused the interest of many companies, talent and responsiveness, so they are concerned about the brain drain.
“It is a call to study, investigate, look for new things. Investigate new proposals, “said Santana, a graduate of architecture from the University Simon Bolivar.
Blank Studio is a Venezuelan company devised nine years ago to meet the needs of interior design. It has partnerships with the most recognized firms in Europe and leads important educational competitions in the country.
“There are customers who are still here and are investing in the country,” said Carolina Parra, representative of Adriana Hoyos in Venezuela, an international brand of contemporary design.
The company, a boutique in Caracas in October expects to present its latest collection.

“In Credibility it is the key”

Entrepreneurship in Venezuela amid an adverse scenario, especially in the area of fashion, is perhaps a challenge for many professionals who come to dream of a national GDP nourished by this industry.
Liliana Avila, creative director of the firm of the same name dedicated to the production of handbags and accessories made in Venezuela, said credibility as a key motivational tool in these times.
Since 2005, the entrepreneur leads the project that has managed to penetrate abroad and will soon lead to Aruba Fashion Week. It has 20 collections since its inception and alliances with various shops and boutique.
“I still believe that word of mouth marketing is what most works,” nodded Melisa Rauseo, who opened the doors of his store this year Bomani, a gallery of national design for children.
More than 50% of what exhibits in this space is made by Venezuelan designers.
“He has grown the world of fashion in Venezuela. We can not remain with folded arms, “said the entrepreneur.
He stressed that contact with entrepreneurs in the area through social networks, in addition to the store concept, promote the business at this time.
Meanwhile, Marbella Molina, director of Fashion in Blanco, market-oriented pajamas and shirt outlined the growth of fashion in Colombia as an example to follow. “It is necessary to take fashion as an industry abroad.” He said that with the economic conditions necessary to create greater business niches that are neglected before the departure of several investors in the country.