Monday,June 17,2019

Easy Taxi reduce tariffs to face competition

Easy Taxi reduce tariffs to face competition

Easy Taxi reduce tariffs to face competition

Minimum stay would be S / 8 and surcharges will be no stops, and the commission will be proportional drivers.

Easy Taxi announced that it will reduce tariffs on all trips, both for regular service as Premium. The new pricing model will allow the driver to increase their net income, thanks to higher volumes and lower commission.

The decision was made after a study in which more than 100,000 passengers and 15,000 drivers participated.

In this way, the service cab for app implemented from Thursday September 1 a new tariff scheme that will see the distance and routes each trip to determine the exact time rate and a rate proportional to the commission.

Among other benefits, they announced that automatically calculate the timeout and detours will be considered as part of the tour without additional charges.

More Savings

“With the new tariff model we want the taxi application more accessible to all, especially for short trips where the rate now is only S / 8. In this way we seek to attract new users as the main reason more than 85% of the market continues to take taxi on the street is for the price , “said Christophe Robilliard, Co-Founder of Easy Taxi.

In addition, Robilliard explained that for example, go to the Oval Higuereta Larcomar can now cost S / 9, while previously cost S / 13; Center go to San Isidro Lima will be among the S / 13, whereas previously cost S / 17.

The time now also be considered in a ratio of S / 0.20 per minute for receipts, so the price could vary between users.

Carpools Easy Taxi launched in June the option to share part of the journey and cost to other users joining during the trip, which has been used as indicated by more than 50,000 times.

In this way, users can save up to 50%, that means a short trip away can cost up to S / 4, always when the trip is shared.