In the remainder of the year, Peru will hold three binational cabinets with the governments of Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia, announced this morning the Foreign Minister of Peru, Ricardo Luna.

With Ecuador, the ministerial meeting will take place on October 7, with Bolivia on November 4 and Colombia on a date yet to be defined, estimated in the December 5, said the Chancellor during his presentation to the Committee on Relations Outside of Congress.

Binational cabinets in the issue of border integration is a major, Moon said.

Similarly, he said that they are taking steps “to reactivate the mechanisms of integration with Chile”, after a stage in which they are suspended for the implementation of the judgment of the Court of Justice in The Hague on the border dispute between two countries.

In that context, he noted that the bilateral relationship went through a “decline”, but is “preparing steps to reactivate the integration mechanisms that exist.” “There is a fluid contact between the two foreign ministries,” he said.

He also stressed that ended with the delimitation of the external borders of Peru, after the ruling of The Hague, a fact considered as a “historic achievement”.

This “has liberated our external agenda of all conditioning of traditional cut”, thus the country is placed in the “new situation” of being able to assume a regional leadership, he added.

The Chancellor also said it will be a joint statement of the leaders of the Pacific Alliance, which block the Peruvian government is giving priority for the participation of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in a new period of sessions of the UN.

Inadequate appointments : When you start your presentation, Luna said that the previous management had appointed 22 ambassadors during the last year of government. In some cases they were not considered “adequate”, so that corrections have been made in the case.

The diplomat said it was “an anomaly” have found several of these designations because there are usually carried out when the next change of government.

As for the Transpacific Economic Cooperation (TPP) Agreement, Luna said that its ratification in Congress “will require the support” of the Foreign Relations Committee.

He recalled that this document in the legislature “evaluation is still pending.”

Chancellor culminated intervention, he go to questions from members of the Foreign Relations Committee.