Saturday,June 15,2019

Toyota Prius car review

Toyota Prius car review

Toyota Prius car review

It is routine to remark that the Toyota Prius astonish pedestrians by sneaking up on them when they, in their early twentieth-centuries, are still expecting cars to make a sound What I didn’t anticipate was how much it would shock me while I was really driving it.

It is so soundless, and I am so accustomed to associate cars moving with engines revving, that even though my foot was on the accelerator, I was still surprised to find myself plunging towards a tree. And that was not anything on the poke it has as you move around the town. I look forward to find myself overstepping the 48Kph mark in a bold Mazda, but to hold myself hurtling like a country driver in a car. Well, it was like the appearance of some dreadful and unwanted awareness. Maybe it’s not the car and has by no means been the car. Maybe I just have a weighty right foot.

Anyway, there was not anything horrific regarding this car. The cabin was spick and sensitive, everything was where it should be, not anything to perplex or annoy. Certainly, the controls and displays were so well designed, it was like having a automaton car assistant directing your hand to whatever it was you required.

The knob ignition was one of the best I’ve come across (usually they don’t respond quickly enough but not in this case). The park-assist alarm is discreet and demure. It’s filled with safety features (Toyotas were among the first to bring in vehicle stability control, are large on airbags, and are not embarrassed to monitor things).


On the motorway, once more, the speeding up was energetic, and the gear changing as well as steering both were more attentive than I had expect.

I was surprised that its 0-100 Kph speed was more than 10 seconds (though only just).But still it felt much faster.

I loved it. It’s not in fact designed for someone who drives for fun, but rather for the person who inevitably drives a hell of a lot, and wants to do so as economically and greenly and happily as they can.

And the fact is, even though it was irresistible leader for that already, it keeps on improving just because it can.