Friday,March 22,2019

Renault and Nissan Lead Electric Cars Sales in Europe

Renault and Nissan Lead Electric Cars Sales in Europe

Sales of electric vehicles in Europe were around 29,000 units in March, bringing the total accumulated in the first quarter of the year to 65,000. March was the best sales month of the year and the third best since January 2015.

The good results at the beginning of the year led to an upward revision of sales projections for the year as a whole, which now point to volumes between 250 and 300 thousand registrations

The Renault ZOE leads the segment with 3762 units sold in March and 9127 in the first three months of the year, followed by the Nissan Leaf with 3188 and 5911 units, respectively.

Renault’s sales were boosted by the second-generation success of the city’s ZOE 40, launched late last year, with a battery pack with enhanced power from 22 to 41 kWh and increased autonomy to about 300 kilometers under normal conditions of curculation On the road.

The Renault-Nissan alliance dominates the market, with its two 100% electric models worth about a quarter of the sales of electric cars in Europe.Renault and Nissan Lead Electric Cars Sales in EuropeThe Mitsubishi Out-lander PHEV is the best-selling electric plug-in, with 3139 units in March and a cumulative 5375 units. Tesla occupies the 4th and 5th positions in the March ranking with the 2060 Model S.

And 2016 Model X, respectively followed by the BMW i3, with 1784 registrations in the month. In quarterly sales, the BMW i3 adds 5065 units, which guarantees it the 4th place in the sales chart in Europe.

Renault with New Sales Record

Renault achieved a new monthly record for electric vehicle sales in March, with a total of 4134 vehicles, up 29% from a year ago.

The combined sales of the city’s ZOE 40 and the Kangoo ZE van accounted for 1.54% of total worldwide brand sales and 1.7% of its sales in Europe.

The French brand already has more than 100 thousand electric vehicles in circulation on the roads, not counting the about 20 thousand Twizy quadricycles.