Monday,March 30,2020

New Mercedes-Benz SLC 180 Model 2017 of German Roadster

New Mercedes-Benz SLC 180 Model 2017 of German Roadster

Its engine is 1.6 Turbo with 156 hp and 25.5 kgfm. It is the same as seen in Classes A, B, GLA, CLA and C, for example, but now the small drive also pushes a roadster from Daimler, the Mercedes-Benz SLC 180. It has a six-speed manual or 9G-Tronic automatic transmission Of nine speeds and goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.9 seconds, with a maximum of 225 km / h.

The luxury convertible comes to the European market already eyeing a Japanese roadster, the Mazda X-5. The price difference is still huge between the two, but leasing plans for the German leave a very small gap for the Japanese.

In the United Kingdom, the SLC 180 arrives for $ 41,285 Dollars (£ 32,039) against $ 24,221 Dollars (£ 18,795) from the MX-5, but the German has plans with only $ 355 Dollars (£ 276) monthly.

The Mercedes-Benz SLC 180 is sold only in the AMG Line version, with cruise control, automatic emergency braking, sport suspension, 18-inch alloy wheels, Artico-lined seats, among others.