Thursday,June 20,2019

New Jeep Compass 2017


New Jeep Compass 2017

The new Jeep Compass will have a maintenance plan with sealed packages of up to 8 review the case of versions equipped with 2.0 Tiger shark Flex engine (Sport, Longitude and Limited) and 5 in the case of the diesel engine 2.0 Multi-jet II, which equips Longitude versions and Trail hawk.

In the case of the Jeep Compass Flex, the revisions packages ranging from R $ 1,071 and R $ 6,003. For options with diesel engine, the values are between R $ 1,880 and R $ 5,680. We must remember that the engine revisions 2.0 Tiger shark will be made every 12,000 km, while the 2.0 Multi-jet II requires intervals of 20,000 km.

So in these cases, the Tiger shark packages – delivering up to 166 bhp and 20.4 lb.-ft.include revisions to 96,000 kilometers, while the Multi-jet – 170 bhp and 35.7 lb.-ft. reaches 100,000 km in sealed packages. For the consumer, such plans avoid increases over time.

In addition, Mopar has created packages that entitle you to a range of services as opposed to a complete overhaul, as cited above.In this case, the owner of the Jeep Compass 2017 can acquire, for example, two oil changes and an alignment or three oil changes and alignment.

With three-year warranty, the new Jeep Compass may have extended coverage period in a year or two, as well as 24-hour assistance, which is included in the three-year warranty, and may or may not be renewed in case of expansion of coverage Total vehicle. In these cases and in relation to service packages, prices were not disclosed.

Measuring 4.41 m long, 1.81 wide, 1.65 high and 2.63 of wheelbase, the 2017 Jeep Compass has up to 410 liters in the trunk and offers several standard features and options, including electronic parking brake, air conditioning dual zone, traction control and stability, starting assistant ramp, seven airbags, electric power steering, Isofix, daytime LEDs, lanterns LED fog lamps with curve function, bi-xenon headlights, among others.

There are also multimedia option with browser and 8.4-inch screen, GPS navigator, leather seats, driver’s seat with electric adjustment, compartment under the passenger seat, collision warning, lane change warning and side traffic, warning blind spot, adaptive cruise control, leather steering wheel with paddle shifts, four-wheel drive with land modes Select-terrain (diesel), descent control (HDC) and electronic differential lock and traction with reduced.

The new Jeep Compass 2.0 Tiger shark Flex delivery 159/166 hp and 19.5 / 20.4 Nm, while the 2.0 Multi-jet II diesel offers 170 bhp and 35.7 Nm, the latter at 1,750 rpm only. The transmission is automatic six-speed in the first and nine in the second speed, which comes with traction 4 × 4 must. The new SUV of the Jeep will not have manual transmission option in Brazil.

Check out the sealed packages of revisions of the New Jeep Compass 2017:

New Jeep Compass 2.0 Tiger shark Flex 2017

Package 2 review – R $ 1,071

Package 3 review – R $ 1,811

Package 4 reviews – R $ 2,498

Package 5 reviews – R $ 3,794

Package 6 reviews – R $ 4,564

Package 7 reviews – R $ 5,330

Package 8 reviews – R $ 6,003

New Jeep Compass 2.0 Multi-jet II 2017

Package 2 review – R $ 1,880

Package 3 review – R $ 3,292

Package 4 reviews – R $ 4,431

Package 5 reviews – R $ 5,680