Saturday,June 15,2019

Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain: Robustness and elegance for all terrains


Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain: Robustness and elegance for all terrains

The sub-segment of ‘adventurous’ vans preparing to receive a new proposal now on the part of Mercedes-Benz, which debuts with a variant of the genre to rival proposals asĀ  Volvo (V 90 Cross Country) and Audi (A 6 All road) promising versatility and increased robustness for new land.

Mercedes-Benz has a launch plan well filled for the coming months, once completed, will result in a range with virtually a proposal for each segment and sub-segment. Also in the vans Premium thought to use ‘mixed’ – between asphalt and dirt, through snow or ice – Mercedes-Benz now appears with a proposal based on the new van Class, combining the robustness of a model with greater distance the ground wheel drive 4 Matic, larger wheels and lower protections all around, boosting its appearance of strength.

Visual pointedly adventurous

“Never a Class was as versatile as the All-Terrain. This new model combines the spectacular look of the SUV style with clever space concept of a van. This is associated with a number of innovative safety features and interior Faultless E-Class,” says Hello Kallenius, member of the responsible board of directors for the areas of Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz, explaining his optimism with this novelty Stuttgart brand.

Mercedes-Benz ranks this Class All-Terrain as “another ambassador of the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz and clarity of meaning that define modern luxury”. To prove this same emphasis on style, Mercedes-Benz draws attention in front of the radiator grille with the star logo in the center. The grid blades are designed in silver, iridium, while the bumpers and the lower gaskets provide a robust look and at the same time, this aggressive model. Seen in profile, the wheel arches have protections in black, the same color that is used in the side sills. The wheels come in three designs measuring between 19 and 20 inches. The E-Class All-Terrain is 29 mm higher than the E-Class base truck – 14 mm of which are obtained by the tires with greater height and 15 mm for air suspension. The ground clearance is 121-156 mm.

Special elements of this truck include the interior equipment in aluminum combination and exclusive carbon, stainless steel pedals with rubber elements and floor mats with name All-Terrain inlaid. The equipment of this version is based on Avantgarde interior line, and the Exclusive designate equipment and may also be added.

Launch with the new 2.0 diesel engine

The launch will take place with the version E 220 4 Matic 194 hp d, based on the most recent four diesel cylinder engine, surging associated with a box of nine 9G-Tronic speeds. Later will appear a version with six-cylinder diesel engine. With this engine of 194 hp and 400 Nm of torque (at 1600 rpm), the average consumption varies between 5.1 l / 100 km and 5.2 l / 100 km for emissions between 137 and 139 g / km CO2. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h meets in 8 seconds and the maximum speed is 232 km / h.

Series, All-Terrain features Dynamic Select system, with five modes of operation and with different performance engine, box, ESP and steering. A fifth mode is the mode associated with off-road (in this case ‘all-terrain’) which is derived from GLE. The brand ensures comfort levels improved. At level ‘All-Terrain’, associated with the suspension Air Body Control, the ground clearance is increased by 20 mm to speeds of 35 km / h. The operation of the ESP systems, electronic active differential and slip control (ASR) set up concurrently. Thanks to the suspension, may be chosen three levels of height from the ground to 35 mm.

With development scheduled for the Paris Motor Show, the new truck All-Terrain will reach the European market in the spring of 2017.