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Latest Nissan Micra Sr Review-2016

Latest Nissan Micra Sr Review-2016

Latest Nissan Micra Sr Review-2016

The 2016 Nissan Micra is Canada’s economic car, but no one would ever guess that it is least expensive just by looking at it, and they surely couldn’t make up anything so quick off the line and so lively through the corners could only $9,988.

The Micra is standard with style as well as dynamic that set it ahead from compact cars costing more than this. It has been tested in base S trim with a 5-speed manual transmission a year ago and couldn’t stop praising about it, so this time I was really looking forward to spend around a week in the top-tier SR model. Would it be somewhere near as good with its optional 4-speed automatic gear? In a word, no, but it was still plenty pleasant.

Fortunately, Nissan doesn’t “reward” Micra buyers who desire more features by forcing a regular auto box into the blend like it does with the Versa Note, so for that reason you’re free to amplify your daily dose of good times while leaving a plenty of buck in your wallet. On the other hand, if you’d rather let the auto box do the shifting on your behalf in jam-packed travelling, you can equip the mid grade SV and this SR with a four-speed unit. There is no manual mode or paddle shifters, so don’t go with an opinion you could play Xavier Coupal on the track.

Nicer than you might think

The 2016 Nissan Micra SR I newly spent a week in was way too nice to body-slam around racing circuits, its perfect outer panels finished in a beautiful blue-green hue adds a whopping $135 extra to the bill. The car would have appeared just as good in its other two metallic paints with no extra cost white, black or red alternatives.
There aren’t any additional options after stepping up to the SR, parting an accessories catalog to flip through if personalizing your trip is high on your priority list (the contrasting mirror housings, door handles, body mouldings, and wheel caps look appealing)

The verdict 

Finally, you can buck up for a dull compact car that’ll drag your feet you off to the office and home each day as well as take you to the family cottage or ski hill on extended weekends, or you can spend a lot less for a wonderful little hatchback that’ll put a grin on your face every time you step inside. That’s life with a Nissan Micra. I couldn’t suggest it any higher.