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Latest Mazda 3 Review 2016

Latest Mazda 3 Review 2016

Latest Mazda 3 Review 2016


The Mazda 3 is once more the brand’s entry-level model and also one of the best small cars. Like the Volkswagen Golf with which it battle, it’s a robust of the Best Cars list. As Mazda’s budget leader, not every 3 comes loaded enhanced with features, but still the base 155-hp 2-litre sedan brings satisfying dynamic behavior, firm build quality, and remarkable fuel economy. Upgrading to the 3 s model brings a 184-hp 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with extra thrust, nets typical features such as heated leather seats, and makes available options that consist of active safety features. It comes with a preference of automatic or manual transmissions in a pair of 4-door body styles both sedan and hatchback.

The 3 i automatic sedan we drove newly is not our desired specification of Mazda 3, but we understand that some favor the security of a trunk for their cargo as opposed to an open hatch. City dwellers take note the sedan is nearly 5 inches longer compared to the hatchback, so if you live where on street parking clash are a matter of inches, fit with the hatch.


Acceleration         : 0 – 100 kph in 7.3 s

Top Speed             : 118 mph

Price                       : $18,545

Mileage                  : 29/34 mpg


What’s New?

There were few modifications in the Mazda 3 for 2016, but not much has been to change since this 3rd generation design debuted for the 2014 model. All models has a backup camera; most Touring and Grand Touring models also acquire a sunroof, rain sensing wipers, automatic head lights, and an auto dimming inside mirror.

What We Like

In a segment conquered by smaller turbocharged engines, Mazda sticks with logically aspirated power plants. And yet the 3 returns real world fuel economy on similarity with or sometimes even better than most of its rivals. The huge trick is changeable valve timing capable of employing the extra efficient Atkinson cycle operation, at the cost of a few midrange power when you’re not beating it.

What We Don’t Like

The 3’s steering be able to feel a little too fast, as if the car was in a hasten to change lanes on the freeway, and the driver has to push the brake pedal too far into its travel before something happens. Unluckily, all 2.5-liter Touring models come fixed with a 6-speed automatic transmission as standard version, which makes them more costly than the manual transmission Grand Touring models.


The Mazda 3 does a huge impression of a BMW since 20 years: It is just quick enough, never too soft, and certainly never too rigid. This is near perfect mini car.