Wednesday,October 23,2019

Laferrari Aperta walking around Barcelona


Laferrari Aperta walking around Barcelona

Perhaps those of you in Barcelona or may belong there, you have become today found the streets with a very special car, neither more nor less than the laferrari Aperta . How? The new hypercar of Ferrari has been all day “walking” through the streets of Barcelona.

All due to promotional filming the new model, a car whose first images were unveiled in early July and possibly present in society in the upcoming Paris Motor Show, hence they are rushing the last moments before that appointment and portray him out handsome in photos and video.

The car was visiting different areas of the city, some somewhat hidden to hide from prying cameras, and more popular as the area of the Ronda Litoral in the area of the forum. I used to go before a Mercedes ML black, which made car camera functions.

Ferrari has not yet confirmed the official data of this new model, but it seems that only 70 units will be manufactured. Apparently all are already sold, so much so that even some annoying potential customer running out of their LaFerrari Aperta has denounced them . Sure after his tour of our country will soon have more information about it.