Thursday,April 09,2020

Jaguar F-type SVR (2016) review

Jaguar F-type SVR (2016) review

Jaguar F-type SVR (2016) review:

The latest Jaguar F-type SVR, a 321Kmh competent super-coupe, is the 2nd product to sport the SVR badge for performance oriented after the Range Rover Sport SVR. Its heavy price pushes Jaguar’s sports car into debate with the similar to cars of the Audi R8 V10, Porsche 911s of various model, and the Mercedes-AMG GT S. Though it’s a severe competition, but still Jaguar packs some serious advantage.

This is as an effect of installing the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 in Jaguar and a reconfigured chassis intended to deliver more fun and comfort. Active aero feature is also an added advantage, in an effort to keep the F-type tracking straight and stuck to the groove. But can those little add-ons live up to a $140k price tag?

What exactly is SVR? And to know that we will see what’s SVO?

Special Vehicle Operations is an organization charged with building the vital JLR products; perfecting them to improve their performance in key areas – at a cost. These SVO consists of three different pillars: SVR for Racing), SVA for Autobiography that’s for luxury cars and soon SVX which will be designed specifically for off-road use.

How much is it?

With that in mind you’re probably surprised why this car is so expensive than the regular F-type, but further exploration reveals a raft of tweaks that add up to a huge difference. Take the latest titanium and Inconel exhaust system that has been particularly designed for the SVR. It features a flap that opens faster than ever to give you more value for your money. It also makes room for a rear venturi nestled between the tail pipes that decreases lift and drag.

In fact, a lot of effort has gone into aerodynamic enhancements to keep the car steady and control at speed. There is a flat base, tweaked bumpers and the rear wing, which mechanically deploys at 110kph or when you switch to Dynamic mode.

On the road, SVR feels absolutely stable, yet amazing balanced at any speed. Its electric power steering, with revised mapping to strengthen response around the straight-ahead, lends you an immense confidence in corner. It still feels like the somewhat heavy car, but the front end is mainly communicative for an EPAS set-up and the all-wheel-drive system delivers lots of grip.

Finally The F-type SVR is a very efficient car. There is no compromise with its experience and sounds very unique indeed, and it’s still unquestionably a looker. Don’t give a second thought this is the best Jaguar F-type currently on sale.