Saturday,May 25,2019

Hyundai’s Revealed the New Design of Hyundai Kauai Model 2017

Hyundai's Revealed the New Design of Hyundai Kauai Model 2017

The South Korean company’s model should only be officially presented in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but a copy was photographed in Lisbon this week during the recording of a commercial of the vehicle itself.

The first images revealed in April did not allow the details and details of the Hyundai Kauai to be unraveled, raising only the vantage point in terms of design, but now with the publicity of the photographs thanks to an attentive reader of the Dutch website Auto-week , it is possible to observe with more Clarity the exterior aesthetics of the new Kona, as it is known in some markets.

Looking to break significantly with the SUV range and other models of the South Korean brand, the Kauai, despite maintaining the front view, resembles the Citroen, with dual headlights (LED daytime running lights positioned above the LED headlights) and a grille In cascade, adopting Hyundai’s new design identity.

Hyundai Kauai – New Design

Hyundai's Revealed the New Design of Hyundai Kauai Model 2017The lower area of the bumper is protected with black plastic, giving greater off-road appearance. As you can see in the pictures, these lower guards also appear in the wheel arches and lower rear area. Viewed at 360 degrees, it is possible to appreciate its bulky and sturdy bodywork, emphasized by the rather daring front and rear.

Recalling that this compact two-tone SUV belongs to the Hyundai B segment, it is in direct competition with Renault Captur, Nissan Juke and Peugeot 2008. Although the Seoul brand also has the i20 Active model, Kauai is A purest product in this segment, and there are no aesthetic similarities between the two cars.