Thursday,April 09,2020

HOLDEN SV GTS – 2016 Review

HOLDEN SV GTS – 2016 Review

HOLDEN SV GTS – 2016 Review

The HSV GTS is immediately more comfortable, as soon as you park yourself in it.

The cabin has a classier experience and the car is loaded with extra technology, including a sensor key, heads-up display, tap shifters on the steering, advanced resolution displays, lane wander cautions and modifiable suspension, stability control and exhaust modes.

The GTS would desire to have a few additional gadgets at this price of $98,490, a massive $36,300 to $43,500 premium over the speedy Fords.

But the GTS also feels like extra money has been spent in it.

You can sense the chassis through the seat of the pants and the steering, more than the Falcon. After sitting in the Ford’s elevated chair seats, the GTS senses like you are just inches off the road.

We’ve drive the supercharged GTS ample of times over the past couple of years, But I’ve never enjoyed or cherished the GTS as much as I have on this examination.

The GTS is a serious beast but it makes light work of our narrow ribbon of road scaling the edge of a mountain.

The surface is even but the turns are rigid, and the GTS is entirely unfazed. It feels smaller than it is thanks to the well installed suspension, superb brakes and agile steering.

The additional top up the HSV’s sleeve is the LSA supercharged V8. It sense like a mixture of both Ford engines: ample grunt like the XR6 and screams at the top end like the XR8.

Active with adrenaline, and with the tingling sound of components cooling in the backdrop, I’m soon overwhelmed with sorrow.


But for what its value, HSV GTS first gives a good speed.

We love this car for more than just its epic 0 to 100kmh pace, but also how maturely it handles tight corners and the wide open road.

How fast are you going now?

Although HSV claims a 0 to 62mph time of 4.4 seconds for the GTS, we got 4.6s results in the first four passes in a row, improving on our earlier best of time 4.7 in 2013.