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Chevrolet Onix Activ arrives in adventure pace


Chevrolet Onix Activ arrives in adventure pace

The new Onix Activ debut as a final version in order to lead the niche cars adventurers, to be “bolder and more practical”

General Motors saved a surprise for the line 2017 Onix: the debut of Activ version.Therefore, the Special Effect series ceases to exist and the Onix Activ becomes part of the catalog of official versions of the most successful Chevrolet this century in the Brazilian market. If it was already difficult to compete with the hatch in their normal versions, strengthening the Onix Activ must ensure the Chevrolet championship in contention for the title of best-selling car in the country. After all, according to Hermann Mahnke, the GM marketing, Onix Activ arrives with the stated goal of being the new leader in the niche of adventurers models.

Beautiful the car is. He has black frames around your surroundings. The black plastic parts involve the four wheels boxes, pass under the two doors and are also present in the front and rear bumpers. The front fender is unique and also has a black grille (normal versions have a chrome grille). The chrome are present in Onyx Activ but are located at door thresholds and the bottom of the bumpers. The wheels are unique, well designed, and use larger tires (195/65).

Trust GM in this niche leadership achievement is based on bold design, but also in practicality. Onix Activ aims to be a little more than a car visually adventurous. He wants to be practical. Therefore, the roof rack, for example, has the shape of “U”, which facilitates the luggage tie (it supports 50 kg of load). Similarly, the bumpers have been redesigned to improve the input angles and car output – so it translates more easily obstacles and streets bumps, gates, bridges and roads.

Visually, the new Chevrolet is more aggressive than the Hyundai HB20X, which this year took the leadership of Sendero Renault Stepway (the best-selling niche in 2015). The exterior paint is pink pumpkin metal. Inside, it is divided into black and pumpkin. The Activ logo appears in the glove compartment, the seats and tachometer (and the trunk lid). But perhaps the GM be surprised with the amount of consumers seeking a discreet visual adventurous. If this happens, the HB20X continue ruling – after all, the Onix Activ is much more like the Sandero Stepway, whose sales fell.

The rookie will be sold with 1.4-liter flex 96/104 hp, the same team the most expensive versions of Onix and Prisma. Being heavier and higher performance is slightly worse and consumption is higher. But the car is very nice to drive, as we check in Indaiatuba (SP).Especially in bad floors, the Onix Activ did well. That’s because it is 30mm higher (23mm suspension and 7 mm in tires). The car is quiet, has good finishing and comfortable seats. It has rain sensor and can be purchased with automatic transmission or manual, with automatic pilot. Hermann Mahnke estimates that Onix Activ represent 10% of the model’s sales. “Our proposal has a more striking visual appeal that HB20X and functionality of appeal with the roof rack.”

According to GM, the adventuring versions sales grew from 5900 / month (2010) for 7900 / month (2015). Last year, the three most sold were: Sandero Stepway (14,357), HB20X (10,217) and VW CrossFox (8340). From January to May this year, the order changed: HB20X (4,952), Sandero Stepway (3,411) and CrossFox (2,069). Another factor that may boost the Onix Activ is sales to own leadership of GM in the market: “In the industry, which is falling, this is the best time of Chevrolet in Brazil, not only in market share but also on offer products, “says Mahnke.


Engine: 4 – cylinder in – line 1.4 8V

Displacement: 1389 cm3

Fuel: Flex

Power: 98 hp at 6,000 rpm (g) and 106 hp at 6,000 rpm (e)

Torque: 13.0 Nm at 4,800 rpm (g) and 13, 9 Nm at 4,800 rpm (e)

Exchange: manual, six – speed

Steering: electric

Suspensions:McPherson (d) torsional axis (t)

Brakes: ventilated disc (d) and drum (t)

Traction: front

Dimensions: 3,958m (c ), 1,737 m (l), 1,554 m (a)

Wheelbase: 2,528 m

Tires: 195/65 R15

luggage carriers: 280 liters

Tank: 54 liters

Weight: 1092 kg 0-100 km / h: 11s5 (g) and 10s9 (e)

Maximum speed: 170 km / h (g) and 172 km / h (e)

Consumption city: 12.3 km / l (g) and 8.4 km / l (e)

Consumption road: 13, 8 km / l (g) and 9.4 km / l (e)

Consumption Note: B

Emission of CO2: 105 g / km (with ethanol = 0 g / km)

Inmetro Note: B

Rank in category: a (Utility sports Compact)