Saturday,December 15,2018

Aston Martin Introduced the New Vanquish S Red Arrows Special Edition

Aston Martin Introduced the New Vanquish S Red Arrows Special Edition

In November 2016, Aston Martin introduced the redesigned Vanquish S, a model that has been on the market since 2012 and one of the latest atmospheric V12 in production. Now, the brand’s personalization department, Q by Aston Martin, embodies in a new version all the splendor of the acrobatic patrol of the Royal British Air Force, the Red Arrows.

The Vanquish S Red Arrows special edition , which will have a 10-unit run, reflects the visual language of British aviation in its design. Features that we already saw in the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 and that promise with this limited edition, that with probability will not lower of the $ 278290 Dollars (263,000 euros).

Those fortunate enough to make one of these acrobatic editions of the Vanquish S are going to take with him some details that remind the Red Arrows jets: dressed in the red Eclat Red , we see in his black ceiling the emblem that carries the patrol Acrobatics on their fighters. Other exterior details make up the blue and white lines of the side skirts.

The interior of the Vanquish S Red Arrows is not wasteful: the green color of the fighter pilots has been chosen for the upholstery, and the Red Arrow emblem appears embroidered on the seat bolsters and on the The thresholds of the doors. In addition, the steering wheel carries a selector of marches inspired by the airplanes of the RAF.Aston Martin Introduced  the New Vanquish S Red Arrows Special Edition

Its 603 hp will make You Feel like a Fighter Pilot

Under the hood we find the 603 hp as standard of its V12 engine , which can reach a top speed of 323 km / h and make 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds.

Those lucky enough to get one will also have a driver’s signature on the license plate of each engine, a pair of racing monkeys, a set of suitcases, a pilot’s jackets, a car cover, a mock-up The special edition and the Hawk Red Arrow plane and a book. And if the origins that have inspired this model are not clear enough, the rear seats have been replaced by a holder to place two decorative helmets as the aviation pilots.Aston Martin Introduced  the New Vanquish S Red Arrows Special EditionBefore running for one, we inform you that the price is unlikely to fall from the standard $ 2,72,8290 Dollars (263,000 euros), but if you want to get one runs: the edition of Vanquish S Red Arrows is limited to 10 units, but The number 10 will be destined to a charity of the Royal British Air Force.